browse youtube using your terminal πŸ’» with ytfzf

Hi everyone!

So I found this cool new package (called ytfzf)which allows you to watch youtube πŸ“Ί using your terminal, which means there is a smaller browser footprint as only the video is showing.

You could have something like terminal in the first third of the screen, wikipedia or whatever in the second third of the screen, and 2 stacked ytfzfs in the last tri-section of the screen.

Steps to try it out (assuming mac user)

  1. Go to this repo πŸ–± :
  2. Install the dependencies jq, mpv, and fzf using the brew install command ⌨️ like this:
    brew install jq mpv fzf
  3. Then install ytfzf by following the ytfzf GitHub README instructions
git clone
cd ytfzf
sudo make install doc

Now you’re free to go into terminal and type e.g. ytfzf drum n bass mix , use your arrow keys to select the youtube video you want and hopefully it will start playing in a small window!

Congrats πŸ™‚ Have fun with ytfzf


How to git reset to go back in time

If you’re ever stuck with your coding project and want to go back to a time when it was working, try:

git reset --soft <commit version>


git reset --soft HEAD~1

where <commit version> is the first 7 hexadecimal letters of your git commit e.g. 88f0528, which can be found in your GitHub repository when you click on the # commits button.

Or reset the HEAD by 1 commit.

For example: I was stuck on my Art-Explorer project and I scoured my code-base looking for why I was automatically logging in as `undefined` and getting a jwt malformed error in my console.

I couldn’t pin-point the exact location of the bug(s) so I decided to check Netlify to see when the code was working.

It pointed to this commit version (88f0528), and I decided to make my local repository go back to that specific version.

Lo and behold it starts working again locally..

* Another option is to git reset --hard <commit version> which will revert to an earlier time but will not keep your current edits. If you want to keep the changes you’ve made try git stash and git stash pop before hard resetting.

Learning new shortcuts for +productivity

Productivity boosts + fun!

1. I would recommend rectangle to help you move your windows around your screen faster. For example, pressing control + option (βŒ₯) + β†’ will shift the current window to the right, which allows you to organize multiple browsers and/or apps much faster!

2. I also chanced upon another repo called s, which lets you search Google from your Terminal.

It’s quite fun to use, and rather helpful! Once you install it, you can open terminal and type e.g.

s havana remix -p google

and you get the resulting output in your Internet browser, like magicπŸͺ„ πŸ™‚

Havana ooh na na πŸ‡¨πŸ‡ΊπŸ’ƒ